Benefits of selling your home in Spring

By: Mark Lukwinski

Benefits of selling your home in Spring

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It seems the worst of winter is truly behind us now but just by saying that, we hope we haven’t jinxed anything.

With the change of the seasons, our busy time is just ramping up because when the weather warms up, spring arrives and more homes change title at this time of year.
When winter blankets our city and, we prefer to hunker down in our homes to keep warm, stay indoors and avoid the cold. As a result, there are drawbacks to listing your home on the market in winter but there are a few benefits to doing so in spring. Here are a few:

  1. People prefer moving in spring or summer. No one wants to haul their belongings in the harsh cold, it is more pleasant and efficient to pack up and move in spring.
  2. Spring cleaning gets sorted as you pack. It is efficient to sort your house and belongings at the same time seasonally as you normally would have.
  3. There is a lower cost to moving if you hire movers since it is still their shoulder season and hence, their fees are not as high as they will be in the summer.
  4. People want to be settled in their new homes before the summer hits. There are vacations to be had and bbq’s to start up, so it is best to be listed, sold, and moved in the spring.
  5. More showings of your home. With warmer weather, getting out is easy and wanted, so people don’t mind taking the time to arrange home showings. The more showings you have, the higher the chances of it being on the market shorter.

With so many things on the horizon at this time of year, let us take care of your home and property needs. If you’re thinking of listing your home, we’d be happy to help. Let’s connect and spring into action (ha ha, see what we did there?!)