Zooming in on Mission

By: Mark Lukwinski

Zooming in on Mission

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How fast did January go?! Here we are, the last day of the first month of 2018. Hope your year has been off to a fabulous start! It’s been a few weeks since we profiled another one of Calgary’s fabulous neighborhoods, so this week we focus on the community of Mission. It is a trendy and lively area, but it also has a fascinating history, so we begin this entry by looking at Mission’s past and origins.
Steeped in a religious Roman Catholic history, the area was the site of a Catholic mission from France to the local aboriginal people that lived here. In 1882, Father Lacombe moved the mission from its original location to the land that today is bordered by 17th Ave to the north, the Bow River in the east and south, and 4th Street to the west. Although this was technically outside the city limits at that time, it was already then called ‘the Mission’ area, and in 1899, it was incorporated as the Village of Rouleauville, with an effort made to preserve French culture and language. By 1907, the area was annexed into the City of Calgary and original street names such as Broadway Street (4th Street today) and Notre Dame (17th Avenue today) were replaced by Calgary’s numbering system. We find it particularly fascinating the area today bears the same name as it was known over 115 years ago!
The borders remain the same-17th Avenue to the north, the river to the east and south, and 4th Street to the west. It contained many lots and the map below depicts where Mission is located.

As we have included with the other zones and communities, we will dissect a little of the demographic information on this community to understand it better. Being central to Calgary, Mission is quite different in terms of demographic information from the suburbs and more resembles the stats we saw a few weeks back in the Beltline and Lower Mount Royal. The last census of 2014 reflected a population of 4,350 in the community, where a massive majority of inhabitants, 79%, are between 20-64 years of age. Only 6% are below 19 years of age, and lastly 16% of the population is over 65 years. Thirty-three percent of dwellings in Mission are occupied by owners and almost exclusively, the dwellings are apartment-style (95%) or townhomes, 1%. Single-family, duplex, and converted structures number at 2%, 0% and 1% respectively.

Like in Lower Mount Royal, the median age is 34 and is listed as a community that is entirely almost English-speaking since 0% of the population doesn't speak English. The median household income is $63,081 and according to CREB in 2017, 85 condos/apartments changed title, ranging in price from $135,500 to $6,000,000, with an average $446,101.

For more information and as with all our information sources, you can view more concise details by visiting the City of Calgary’s neighborhood profiles, found here.

In terms of placement in the city, Mission is very attractive to so many since it is right in the middle of Calgary, offering proximity to work on foot, but also is home to trendy and popular places to get out and socialize, shop, and explore. Nightlife in Mission is within reach and is always buzzing with fun places to get to know. Many parks are located in the area too, offering escapes when things get too hectic and busy. There’s also the calmer Elbow River that confines the community and provides refuge along the banks on a hot summer day.
Because of its central location, schools representing the private sector are found within a short drive's reach or even by public transit, if this is something that is attractive to you. Because they're still reachable, all the private schools we have profiled on Calgary's West Side can still be of consideration because they are within reach:  Webber Academy,  Calgary AcademyRundle CollegeWaldorf SchoolCalgary French & International School, and by extension, Edge School for Athletes. To this West Island CollegeNorth Point School for BoysBanbury Crossroads School,  Lycee Louis PasteurCalgary Girls’ SchoolConnect Charter SchoolRiver Valley SchoolThe Third Academy and Mi Casa Montessori can also be added.
In the Calgary Public School district, Western Canada High School, and Rideau School are designated elementary, junior high and high schools for those residing in Mission.

Moving over to the Catholic (Separate) District,  St. Mary’s Senior High SchoolSt. Monica SchoolSt. Michael School, and Holy Name School are designated in the separate system. 
Being centrally-located, there are so many places of worship to access from this point in the city. Click on this link to find the right place of worship for your culture and background.
As was the case with so many other neighborhoods, residents of Mission are encouraged to join the Cliff Bungalow-Mission Community Association. The association’s aim is to promote social, civic and recreational activities for all residents and even non-residents, offering a very affordable way of being involved and in the know about the community. There are different kinds of memberships that can be attained and many different ways to get involved in the community.  The community association was never more tested than in the summer of 2013 when the entire area was submerged in flood waters. Mission was once before subjected to nature’s powerful forces in 1929 when devastating floods ravaged the area, but it again proved to rise after the waters receded and build up again. (For interesting information on Calgary’s historical floods, check this link here.
That’s a wrap on Mission this week, have a great one!